Caricia Catalani DrPH, MPH

Lecturer, Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership
Lecturer, On-Campus/Online MPH Degree Program
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship - RTI International's Center for the Advancement of Health Information Technology and the National Institutes of Health, San Francisco, CA, 2011
  • DrPH - UC Berkeley, School of Public Health, CA, 2009
  • MPH - Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health, NY, 2005
  • BA - International Development, University of Michigan, MI, 2002
  • Video & Public Health Leadership: Using video and new media for health
  • New Media & Public Health
  • Mass Communications in Public Health: Digital Innovations and Social Media
  • Digital Storytelling for Health
  • mHealth: New Horizons in Health via Mobile Technology
  • Social media for health
Research Interests: 
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Participatory new media
  • Computer-based interventions for the prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Latino reproductive health & justice
  • mHealth, eHealth, and digital innovations for health
Research Description: 

Caricia Catalani is a researcher, teacher, and advocate whose work focuses on innovative technology for global health. With over 18 years of experience working on community health projects and research with underserved populations, Dr. Catalani has collaborated with and led studies related to community, maternal, child, reproductive, and sexual health. She has worked around the world, in communities throughout the United States, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. She has served as principal investigator and co-investigator for several studies, including technology usability evaluations, community-partnered studies, program evaluations, and randomized clinical trials.

Current Projects: 

Currently, Dr. Catalani is consulting expert and researcher to several global eHealth/mHealth initiatives. In Cambodia, she and her team work to assess the usability of integrated national information systems for HIV treatment and prevention. In Kenya, Dr. Catalani collaborates with a team of digital engineers, providers, and researchers to create and evaluate systems to improve tuberculosis care among people living with HIV/AIDS. In Rwanda, Dr. Catalani is working with the Ministry of Health to evaluate a national health information exchange to ensure that patient information reaches across providers, institutions, and geographies. Like these projects, other initiatives in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Burkina Faso, and Tanzania look to address challenges in global health through thoughtfully designed technology.

Selected Publications: 

Books, Book Chapters, and Monographs

McDonald, M, Catalani, C, & Minkler, M. (2012) Using the arts and new media in community organizing and community building for health. In M. Minkler (Ed.), Community organizing and community building for health. 3rd Ed. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Catalani, C., Del Valle, A., Henriquez S. (2004). Latinas organizing for leadership and advocacy: A curriculum and resource guide for young leaders. New York: National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.

Henriquez, S., Rios, E., Catalani, C., Del Valle, A. (2003). Forging new partnerships: Improving access to reproductive health care for Latina immigrants. New York: National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Catalani, C., Green, E., Owiti, P., Aggrey, K., Diero, L., Israelski, D., & Biondich P. (under review) An Alert & Reminder System for Integrating Tuberculosis and HIV Care in Kenya: A Human-Centered Design Approach. PLoS One.

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Catalani, C., Castaneda, C., & Spielberg, F (2013). Development and assessment of traditional and innovative media to reduce individual HIV/AIDS-related stigma attitudes and beliefs: A focus group & survey study. Frontiers in Public Health Education & Promotion.

Catalani, C., Green, E., Owiti, P., Aggrey, K., Diero, L., Israelski, D., & Biondich P. (under review) An Alert & Reminder System for Integrating Tuberculosis and HIV Care in Kenya: A Human-Centered Design Approach. PLoS One.

Catalani, C., Campbell, L., Herbst, S., Springgate, B., Butler, B., Minkler, M. (in press). Videovoice: Assessing community needs and assets in post-Katrina New Orleans. Health Promotion and Practice.

Catalani, C., Minkler, M. (2009). Photovoice: A review of the literature in health and public health. Health Education and Behavior, doi:10.1177/1090198109342084.

Catalani, C., Findley, S., Matos, S., Rodriguez, R. (2009). Community Health Worker Insights on Their Training and Certification. Progress in Community Health Partnerships, 3(3), 227-235.

Catalani, C, Veneziale, A, Campbell, L, Herbst, S, Springgate, B, Minkler, M. (2009). In Harmony: Reflections, Thoughts, and Hopes of Central City, New Orleans. Community Engaged Scholarship for Health - read article

Technical Reports

Catalani, C., Aguirre-Molina, M. (2007, May). Human rights and HIV/AIDS in the Dominican Republic. Prepared for the United Nations Population Fund.

Profile Updated: March 21, 2014