Professional Development

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health offers a variety of professional development training opportunities for students, alumni, public health and healthcare professionals, healthcare leaders, and community-based organizations.


The Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership (CPHPL) supports the professional leadership development and capacity-building of alumni, public health professionals, and organizations through workshops, conferences, events, and trainings. Trainings are linked to the Council on Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals. Learn more.


CPHPL provides students and alumni with practice-based project and leadership development courses, events, and experiences. Learn more.


CPHPL has partnered with the Public Health Library to provide you with a book collection on a variety of topics for your leadership and professional development. Expand your knowledge and sharpen your skillset as you learn from industry leaders on topics such as: negotiations, participatory decision-making, building teams, effective communication, project management, influential leadership, managing up, and change management. We welcome you to peruse the list of recommended books here.