Leadership Development

At the School of Public Health, a cornerstone of our mission is to develop diverse leaders for professional and research careers. We accomplish this not only through our undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs, but also by providing students with opportunities for additional leadership training and experience. Our programs and offerings that promote leadership development include:

The Center for Health Leadership (offerings now unified under CPHPL name)

The Center for Health Leadership (CHL) was founded in 2008 to enhance the School's ability to inspire and prepare graduate students to be effective health leaders and professionals. Core offerings include classes and workshops, an 18-month leadership fellows program, the Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL), the annual SCIL Conference, Leadership Day, and the CHL Toolkit. All are based on the core guiding principles of action-based learning, the value of diversity, and the belief that everyone can be a leader, and that we can lead from wherever we are. Learn more.

The Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL)

The Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL) is a professional, student-run organization whose vision is to empower students to become leaders in the public health field. It's comprised of students from every concentration at the School of Public Health and is governed by a student board who gain valuable experience learning how to build and manage a decision-making body. Learn more.

The Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovations

The Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovations is committed to shaping a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders focused on transforming health and wellness. Launched Fall 2016 as a collaboration between the School of Public Health the and Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership and in partnership with entrepreneur, founder of Blue Goji, and UC Berkeley alum Coleman Fung, the two-year program is comprised of 45 promising undergraduate scholars at UC Berkeley, drawn from public health, engineering, design, the liberal arts, and other majors, each selected for his or her transformative vision, capacity for collaboration, and commitment to innovating in the health and wellness field. Through a new model of corporate-campus partnership; cross-disciplinary, participatory learning; and immersion in specific communities, Fung Fellows are learning how to advance novel, real-world solutions that change outcomes and lives. Learn more.

The Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows Program

The School of Public Health is committed to increasing student awareness of career options in government offices, particularly in the health sector. To meet this educational mission, the Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership launched the Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows Program in summer 2016. This exciting new program exposes UC Berkeley undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds and majors to government careers through internship opportunities, while providing mentorship and inspiring them to pursue careers in government. Learn more about the Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows Program

The Advocacy Initiative

The ability to bring about evidence based systemic policy change is a core skill of successful leaders. Policy change is accomplished by advocating for health policies that result in better community health.  High-impact organizations realize that they cannot achieve large-scale social change through service delivery alone. Through policy advocacy they acquire government resources; change practices, regulations, and legislation; and enforce laws intended to protect public health. Successful health policy advocates lead through personal and professional integrity, creativity, risk taking, teamwork, and partnerships. The Advocacy Initiative offers the opportunity to practice and become proficient in these skills in the classroom and through working within communities advocating for better health. Learn more.