Berkeley holds 10th annual Global Health Leadership Forum in London

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health recently held the 10th annual European session of its Global Health Leadership Forum (GHLF) in conjunction with The King's Fund in London. The semiannual program for senior health executives is dedicated to pursuing innovative solutions in health policy and management. Thirty-seven leaders from 18 countries—both developed and developing countries—attended the sold-out September session.

The program, held September 16-21, focused on five different topics on each of the five days: Integration, innovation, new payment and contracting methods, and mental health and wellness. On the topic of innovation, Lord Nigel Crisp, who ran the National Health Service from 2000 to 2006, inspired the group with his description of the many innovations that have come from all corners of the world. Richard Watson, author of Future Minds, spoke on innovation moving forward in the digital age.

Dean Stephen Shortell and Chris Ham, CEO of The King's Fund, took participants through the various definitions and enhancers of integration. There were many successful sessions on the other topics, including one led by Professor Richard Scheffler from UC Berkeley and Dr. Anna Dixon from The King's Fund, which addressed global successes and pitfalls in designing pay-for-performance schemes.

A field trip to King's Medical College featured their global health training with its real-time joint programs in Africa. Participants also co-created, with the help of artists, a multi-faceted view of integrated care, which reflected the diversity of the participant group.

The next session will be held in Berkeley on October 5-9, 2013. After attending a half-day field trip at Kaiser Permanente the morning of October 9, GHLF participants will have the option to stay for am extended Kaiser Permanente Study Tour.

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