"I don't think that it's the requirements that are the most difficult part of the one-year program. The most difficult part of the one-year program is that there's so much to do and learn and see that you don't want to finish in a year!"


1-Year Interdiscplinary MPH Program

The 1-Year Interdisciplinary MPH program is an accelerated, 11-month program designed to meet the needs of mature scholars with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds who have specific public health career goals in mind. The program focuses on an interdisciplinary understanding of complex issues and the leadership challenges of successful interventions in public health. Graduates leave as well-rounded public health professionals with a heightened understanding of the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to public health practice. 

1-Year Interdisciplinary Master of Public Health (MPH)



Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Interdisciplinary Program have gone on to pursue diverse employment opportunities that incorporate public health within their original field of training. Some use the MPH degree to transition to public health jobs in non-profit organizations, government agencies (federal, county and local health departments) or the private sector. Other alumni have embarked on academic careers in public health, or become consultants in domestic and global health.