Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology

Degree Options:

2-year MPH in Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology
PhD in Infectious Diseases & Immunity

The study of infectious diseases focuses on interactions between infectious agents, their hosts, and the environment that may lead to disease in humans. Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology is a multidisciplinary program. The curriculum is designed to emphasize the biology and molecular biology of host-pathogen interactions; host immune response to infection associated with protection or pathology; the ecology, evolution, and transmission of infectious agents, methods of laboratory-based surveillance and the epidemiology of infectious diseases.

Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology: 2-Year Master of Public Health (MPH)



Students matriculating through this degree program, complemented with electives and Field Study Placement done during the summer after their first year of study, will acquire expertise and knowledge in infectious disease, immunology, database management, health program management, and public health applications for which there is great demand from health agencies; academic institutions; health research organizations; county, state, and national (CDC) public health laboratories and agencies; nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Some MPH graduates go on to earn higher-level degrees: MD, DrPH, PhD, or DVM.

Infectious Diseases & Immunity: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Student matriculating through this degree program will acquire expertise in fundamental infectious diseases research for which there is demand from academic institutions, local and national government agencies, and biotechnology companies.

Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology Faculty

IDV SPH Faculty and IDI Graduate Group Faculty

Liu, Fenyong
Lu, Sangwei, Adjunct Professor
Sensabaugh, George, Professor Emeritus
Buehring, Gertrude, Professor Emeritus
Harris, Eva, IDI PhD Program Head
Riley, Lee W., IDV Division Chair
Stanley, Sarah
Stephens, Richard, Professor Emeritus

IDI Graduate Group Faculty from Other Units

Barton, Gregory, MCB
Brenner, Steven, PMB/BIOE
Coscoy, Laurent, MCB
Cox, Jeffery, MCB
DuPage, Michel, MCB
Fleiszig, Suzanne M.J., OPT
Getz, Wayne, ESPM
Glaunsinger, Britt A., PMB
Gronert, Karsten, OPT
Herr, Amy, BIOE
Lee, Luke, BIOE
Machen, Terry, MCB
Nelson, Kara, CEE
Portnoy, Daniel, MCB/PMB
Reingold, Arthur, SPH
Resh, Vincent, ESPM
Robey, Ellen A., MCB
Seed, Kimberly, PMB
Shastri, Nilabh, MCB
Sjolander, Kimmen, PMB/BIOE
Taylor, John W., PMB
Vance, Russell E., MCB
Welch, Matthew D., MCB
Zhou, Qiang, MCB