Health & Social Behavior

"I have felt that the School attracts people with a lot of cultural diversity and also diversity of life experience, and that really enriches a lot of the conversations."

Degree Options:

2-Year MPH

The mission of the MPH Program in Health and Social Behavior is to train scholars and practitioners to identify and analyze the major social, cultural, and bio-behavioral determinants of health and health behavior; and to design, implement, and evaluate social and behavioral interventions and social policies aimed at improving community and population health.

The core curriculum includes course work in the behavioral, bio-behavioral, and social sciences as these relate to public health, in survey research methods, and in program planning and evaluation. The role of race/ethnicity, culture, class, and gender in influencing physical and mental health status, interactions between the individual and society, and ethical issues in the design and implementation of community-based interventions are also stressed.

In addition to required courses, students are encouraged to create a cluster of elective courses which will enhance their knowledge and skills in a particular area of interest. A comprehensive examination or original research paper completes the degree.

Students and faculty in this concentration work closely with the School's Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership to ensure that their educational experience reflects the profession's and the School's commitment to integrating field experience with more traditional forms of pedagogy.

2-Year Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health & Social Behavior



Opportunities exist for graduates to work for community-based organizations, city and county health departments, state health departments, research institutes, and policy/advocacy organizations.