Community Health Sciences

The mission of the division of Community Health Sciences (CHS) is to foster the development of public health researchers, clinicians and practitioners to act on their understanding of the interdisciplinary and community based nature of public health. The division’s broad orientation reflects the concept of developmental epigenesis—that is, how biologically based differences in individual susceptibility and resistance work together with social, physical and cultural environments to influence the emergence of disease and the preservation of health over the human life course. 

CHS emphasizes the integration of research, practice and policy across a wide range of disciplines. It comprises three programs of study that offer diverse perspectives on the preservation of health and the origins of disease. Prospective students apply to any of the three programs, not to CHS:

The division’s broadly multidisciplinary faculty represents, among others, the fields of medicine, epidemiology, sociology health education, anthropology, health psychology, human reproduction, nutrition, economics, journalism, and moral philosophy.

The division is headed by Denise Herd.