Andrea K. Garber PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Public Health Nutrition
  • PH 206A: Measuring Dietary Intake and Nutritional Status
  • PH 298: The Biology of Eating Behavior
Research Interests: 
  • Eating behavior and diet composition in obesity and eating disorders
  • Community initiatives to improve child and adolescent nutrition
Selected Publications: 

Garber AK, Lustig RH. Is fast food addictive? Curr Drug Abuse Rev. 2011 Sep 1; 4(3):146-62.

Garber AK, Michihata N, Hetnal K, Shafer MA, Moscicki AB. A prospective examination of weight gain in hospitalized adolescents with anorexia nervosa on a recommended refeeding protocol. J Adolesc Health. 2012 Jan; 50(1):24-9.

Eilers EJ, Kremen C, Smith Greenleaf S, Garber AK, Klein AM. Contribution of pollinator-mediated crops to nutrients in the human food supply. PLoS One. 2011; 6(6):e21363.

Ozer EM, Adams SH, Orrell-Valente JK, Wibbelsman CJ, Lustig JL, Millstein SG, Garber AK, Irwin CE. Does delivering preventive services in primary care reduce adolescent risky behavior? J Adolesc Health. 2011 Nov; 49(5):476-82.

Madsen KA, Garber AK, Mietus-Snyder ML, Orrell-Valente JK, Tran CT, Wlasiuk L, Matos RI, Neuhaus J, Lustig RH. A clinic-based lifestyle intervention for pediatric obesity: efficacy and behavioral and biochemical predictors of response. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab. 2009 Sep; 22(9):805-14.

Garber AK , Boyer CB, Pollack LM, Chang YJ & Shafer M-A. Body Mass Index and Disordered Eating Behaviors are Associated with Weight Dissatisfaction in Adolescent and Young Adult Female Military Recruits. Military Medicine 2008. 173: 138-45.

Ozer EM, Adams SH, Lustig JL, Gee S, Garber A , Rieder Gardner L, Rehbein M, Addison LA, & Irwin CE. Increasing the screening and counseling of adolescents for risky health behaviors: A primary care intervention. Pediatrics 2005. 115:960-968.

Garber AK , Binkley, NC, Krueger DC & Suttie JW. Comparison of Phylloquinone Bioavailability from Food Sources or a Supplement in Human Subjects. J Nutr 1999. 129:1201-3.

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