Amanda Brewster PhD, MSc

Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management
Research Interests: 
  • Coordination of health care and social services
  • Inter-organizational relationships
  • Performance improvement
  • Implementation of new practices
  • Organizational culture
  • Social determinants of health
Current Projects: 

Role of health care and social service networks in reducing health care use and spending
2016-2018, Principle Investigator
Commonwealth Fund 

Linking health care and social services for older adults:  Area Agencies on Aging as key partners
2018-2019, Principle Investigator
Commonwealth Fund

Selected Publications: 

Brewster AL, Kunkel S, Straker J, Curry LA. Cross-sectoral partnerships by Area Agencies on Aging: Associations with health care use and spending. Health Affairs 2018; 37: 15-21.

Brewster AL, Brault MA, Curry L, Tan A, Bradley EH. Patterns of collaboration among health care and social services providers in communities with lower health care utilization and costs. Health Services Research  2018; 53: 2892-2909.

Bradley EH, Brewster AL, McNatt Z, Linnander E, Emily EJ, Fosburgh H, Ting HH, Curry LA. How Guiding Coalitions Promote Positive Culture Change in Hospitals: A Longitudinal Mixed Methods Interventional Study. BMJ Quality & Safety 2018; 27: 218-225. 

Brewster AL, Cherlin EJ, Ndumele CD, Collins D, Burgess JF, Charns MP, Bradley EH, Curry LA. What works in readmissions reductions: how hospitals improve performance. Medical Care 2016; 54: 600-7.

Brewster AL, Curry LA, Cherlin EJ, Talbert-Slagle K, Horwitz LI, Bradley EH. Integrating new practices: how hospital innovations become routine. Implementation Science 2015, 10: 168.

Profile Updated: November 15, 2018