Allan H. Smith MD, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Director, Arsenic Health Effects Research Program
Research Interests: 
  • US and international studies of the health effects of arsenic in drinking water
  • Risk assessment for occupational and environmental exposures
  • International health studies
Selected Publications: 

Smith AH, Marshall G, Roh T, Ferreccio C, Liaw J, Steinmaus C. Lung, bladder and kidney cancer mortality 40 years after arsenic exposure reduction. JNCI 110(3):241-249, 2017. 


Hall E, Acevedo J, Gonzalez Lopez F, Cortes S, Ferreccio C, Smith AH, Steinmaus C. Hypertension among adults exposed to drinking water arsenic in Northern Chile. Environ Res 153:99-105, 2017.


de la Rosa R, Steinmaus C, Akers NA, Conde L, Ferreccio C, Kalman D, Zhang KR, Skibola C, Smith AH, Zhang L, Smith MT. Associations between arsenic (+3 oxidation state) methyltransferase (AS3MT) and N-6 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase 1 (N6AMT1) polymorphisms, arsenic metabolism, and cancer risk in a Chilean population. Environ Mol Mutagen 58(6):1098-2280, 2017. 


Nardone A, Ferreccio C, Acevedo J, Enanoria W, Blair A, Smith AH, Balmes JR, Steinmaus C. The impact of BMI on non-malignant respiratory symptoms and lung function in arsenic exposed adults of Northern Chile. Environ Res 158:710-719, 2017.


Steinmaus C, Ferreccio C, Acevedo J, Balmes JR, Liaw J, Troncoso P, Dauphine D, Nardone A, Smith AH. High risks of lung disease associated with early-life and moderate lifetime arsenic exposure in northern Chile. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 313:10-15, 2016. 


Steinmaus C, Castriota F, Ferreccio C, Smith AH, Yuan Y, Liaw J, Acevedo J, Perez L, Meza R, Calcagno S, Uauy R, Smith MT. Obesity and excess weight in early adulthood and high risks of arsenic-related cancer in later life. Environ Res 142:594-601, 2015. 


Smith AH, Marshall G, Yuan Y, Steinmaus C, Liaw J, Smith MT, Wood L, Heirich M, Fritzemeier RM, Pegram MD, Ferreccio C. Rapid reduction in breast cancer mortality with inorganic arsenic in drinking water. EBioMedicine 1:58-63, 2014. 


Dauphiné DC, Smith AH, Yuan Y, Balmes JR, Bates MN, Steinmaus C. Case-control study of arsenic in drinking water and lung cancer in California and Nevada. Int J Environ Res Public Health10(8):3310-24, 2013. 


Smith AH, Yunus M, Khan AF, Ercumen A, Yuan Y, Hira-Smith M, Liaw J, Balmes J, von Ehrenstein O, Raqib R, Kalman D, Alam DS, Streatfield PK, Steinmaus C. Chronic respiratory symptoms in children following in utero and early life exposure to arsenic in drinking water in Bangladesh. Int J Epidemiol 42(4):1077-86, 2013.


Profile Updated: August 6, 2018