Allan H. Smith MD, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Director, Arsenic Health Effects Research Program
Research Interests: 
  • US and international studies of the health effects of arsenic in drinking water
  • Risk assessment for occupational and environmental exposures
  • International health studies
Selected Publications: 

Basu A, Mitra S, Chung J, Guha Mazumder DN, Ghose N, Kalman DA, von Ehrenstein OS, Steinmaus C, Liaw J, Smith AH. Creatinine, diet, micronutrients, and arsenic methylation in West Bengal, India. Environ Health Perspect. 2011 Jun 7. Read on PubMed

Smith AH, Steinmaus CM. Arsenic in drinking water. Editorial. BMJ. 2011 May 5;342:d2248. doi: 10.1136/bmj.d2248.

Smith AH, Marshall G, Yuan Y, Liaw J, Ferreccio C, Steinmaus C. Evidence from Chile that arsenic in drinking water may increase mortality from pulmonary tuberculosis. Am J Epidemiol 173:414-420, 2011. Read on PubMed

Steinmaus C, Miller MD, Smith AH.  Perchlorate in drinking water during pregnancy and neonatal thyroid hormone levels in California. J Occup Environ Med. 2010 Dec;52(12):1217-524. Read on PubMed

Rahman A, Persson LÅ, Nermell B, El Arifeen S, Ekström EC, Smith AH, Vahter M. Arsenic exposure and risk of spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, and infant mortality. Epidemiology. 2010 Nov;21(6):797-804. Read on PubMed

Smith AH, Steinmaus C. Health Effects of Arsenic and Chromium in Drinking Water: Recent Human Findings. Annu. Rev. Public Health 30:9.1-9.16, 2009. NIHMSID: NIHMS 108198

Liaw J, Marshall G, Yuan Y, Ferreccio C, Steinmaus C, Smith AH. Increased Childhood Liver Cancer Mortality and Arsenic in Drinking Water in Northern Chile. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 17(8):1982-87, 2008. NIHMSID: NIHMS 108448

Steinmaus C, Smith AH, Jones RM, Smith MT. Meta-analysis of benzene exposure and non-Hodgkin lymphoma: biases could mask an important association. Occup Environ Med.  65:371-378, 2008.

Yuan Y, Marshall G, Ferreccio C, Steinmaus C, Selvin S, Liaw J, Bates MN, Smith AH. Acute myocardial infarction mortality in comparison with lung and bladder cancer mortality in arsenic-exposed Region II of Chile from 1950 to 2000. Am J Epidemiol. 166:1381-1391, 2007.

Marshall G, Ferreccio C, Yuan Y, Bates MN, Steinmaus C, Selvin S, Liaw J, Smith AH. Fifty-year study of lung and bladder cancer mortality in Chile related to arsenic in drinking water.  J Natl Cancer Inst.  99:920-928, 2007.

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von Ehrenstein OS, Poddar S, Yuan Y, Guha Mazumder DN, Eskenazi B, Basu A, Hira-Smith M, Ghosh N, Lahiri S, Haque R, Ghosh A, Kalman D, Das S, Smith AH. Children's intellectual function in relation to arsenic exposure. Epidemiology 18:44-51, 2007.

Hira-Smith MM, Yuan Y, Savarimuthu X, Liaw J, Hira A, Green C, Hore T, Chakraborty P, von Ehrenstein OS, Smith AH. Arsenic concentrations and bacterial contamination in a pilot shallow dugwell program in West Bengal, India.  J Environ Sci Health. 42: 89-95, 2007.

Profile Updated: April 6, 2016