Selecting the Right Program

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These scenarios highlight some of the characteristics of public health work. This is meant to help you start to think about how these topics may relate to your own interests and if the suggested programs are a good fit. Please note: this is only meant to be a starting guide; this is no way indicative of the entire breadth of jobs and/or opportunities for any given concentration.

I’m interested in asking questions that can be answered with quantitative data. I don’t have a specific area of interest; I’m more interested in learning research methods that can be applied to a variety of topics, health conditions, and populations.

I’m interested in asking questions that can be answered with quantitative data and I have a specific area of interest that I’d like to research.

Area of Interest Suggested Program
Environmental issues—things like exposure to chemicals and toxins at home or in the workplace Environmental Health Sciences MPH
Food-related outcomes and nutrition. Public Health Nutrition MPH
Communicable diseases such as the flu, outbreaks, or STDs Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology MPH
The health outcomes of women and children Maternal and Child Health MPH

I’m really interested in looking at hospital systems—how they run and the decisions that go into how people access their care.

Suggested program:
Health Policy & Management MPH

For further studies in this area, consider:
Health Services & Policy Analysis PhD

I’m really interested in community engagement, health education, and serving populations through the development of programs.

Suggested program:
Health & Social Behavior MPH

I already have a higher education level degree, but I’m interested in adding public health to my existing skill sets.

Suggested program:
Interdisciplinary MPH

I want to add public health to my existing skill set, but I’m not available to come to campus and want to continue working full time.

Suggested program:
Online/On-Campus MPH program

I love public health, but I also really love the field of medicine.